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Need a new mod that is going to be easy to work with? Since vaping has been becoming a booming industry, it seems like mods are just becoming fancier and innovative. However, you want something that is going to be simple to work with because, in the end, all you want is to relax with your mod and e liquid. The SLM SMOK SLM 16W Pod Mod Starter Kit is the piece of hardware that you might want to get your hands on since it seems as if you will no longer have to go through a hard time to go on a vape trip. This pod mod is going to have a compact size that is going to fit in your pocket comfortably. The battery capacity is going to be a good 250mAh, which is going to last you a while before you have to start looking for a location to charge it back up again. The standby current is going to be

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